About Loonride


What is Loonride?

Loonride is a website filled with coding tutorials and videos where you can learn how to make popular games like Slither.io. Loonride also offers online games and essential tools for 2D game development. As a creator, I use Loonride to show off my projects and turn them into learning experiences for others. You can find my tutorials and creations on the Loonride Website and on the Loonride YouTube Channel.

What makes Loonride different?

The most unique aspect of Loonride that I am building is the "Popular Game Clones" theme. In 2017, I created a successful tutorial series called How to make Slither.io with JavaScript. I think that learning about game development is most engaging if you learn how to create something that piqued your curiosity when you first saw it. By writing tutorials and making videos about popular games, I hope to engage a massive community of aspiring game developers.

Loonride's Future

I plan to continue sharing my recreations of popular games for others to learn from. Instead of just making tutorials, I also plan to make entertaining videos about my creations on YouTube. I hope that I can build a strong community that finds my content genuinely useful and engaging.

You can be a part of it

If learning how to create your favorite games excites you, the Loonride community is the place for you. As of January 2018, I am starting a major initiative to gather a community that I can easily talk to and collaborate with. You can become a patron and get awesome rewards on my newly created Loonride Patreon page. I have created a Loonride Discord where the community can congregate and chat. After a long period of dormancy, I have started sending emails to the Loonride mailing list. I invite you to join me in all of these places and become a part of Loonride's future.